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Most Recent Work

Most Recent Work
أحـدث أعمال الكـاتب
(In English)

“Egyptology’s Three-Ring Circus and Egypt’s Civilization Firsts,” In depth research into: a) some of the fallacies and blunders that found their way into the writing of Egypt’s ancient history by Egyptologists, and b) Egypt’s Civilization Firsts the Egyptologists did not see. The two volume work is now at the stage of final editing.
“A Socio-Political Reading of the Bible,“ a reassessment and rewriting in two volumes, 20 years on, of the 1987 “Political Interpretation of the Bible.”

Book Projects
مشروعات كتب
(In English)

“The Egyptian Origins of the Biblical Construct’s God,” searching for the ancient Egyptian roots of belief in the One God.
Expanded research and rewriting of “Magic in the Bible,” “Sex in the Bible,” and “Christianity and the Old Testament.”

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