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Works of Fiction

(II/i) Novels and Novellas

السحر الأسود (‘Black Magic’) a novel, published in Cairo, 1986.

مشكلـة الكـابوس’ (‘The Problem with the Nightmare’) a novella, published in Cairo, 1986.

الحـبّ والكـلاب’ (‘Love and the Dogs’) a novel, publication prohibited by the censor.

بــرج الــصفـر’ (‘Tropic of Cipher’) a novel, sequel to “Love and the Dogs,” awaits publication.

المواطن الهادىء(‘The Quiet Citizen’) a political satire, publication prohibited by the censor.

يــونان (‘Jonah’) a novella, published, Cairo, 1971

عزبـة عــريــان(‘The FarmEzbet Eryan’) a political satire, serialized in London, 1979/1980.

الكـــلام’ (‘Talk’) a novel, published in Beirut, 1987.

صعــيدي (‘Saïdi’ ‘The Upper-Egyptian) an autobiographical novel, work in progress.

(II/ii)  Short Stories

هؤلاء ليسـوا سكـارى‘(‘These are not Drunk)

رؤيــا مهنــّا الطاغوطي (‘The Revelation of Mehanna el-Taghouty’)  Cairo, 1969.

أولاد الأفـاعي (‘Sons of Vipers’) Cairo, 1969 – London 1982.

الجُحــر (‘The Burrow’) Cairo, 1970 – London, 1982; translated into English by the author and published in “Flights of Phantasy” Cairo, 1985.

الآخـــر (‘The Other’) Cairo1970 – London, 1982.

الوجــــه (‘The Face’) Damascus, 1970.

رجــل لا يلــوي على شــيء(‘A Fellow who Couldn’t Care Less’) Cairo, 1970 – London, 1982.

الرجـال ذوو العيــون الصفـــيقـة (‘Them with the Brazen Eyes’) Cairo, 1970 – London, 1985.

الاخـتـفـاء المـريب لزوج المرأة التي تصـهــل (‘The Mysterious Disappearance of the Whinnying Woman’s Spouse’) Cairo,1970 – London, 1982.

قضـيـّة العجـز المـراوغ المحـيـّرة (‘The Baffling Case of the Elusive Derrière’) Cairo, 1973.

موقـف محـرج للـغــايةموت إنسان مطابِـق (‘An Extremely Embarrassing Situation – Death of a Conformist’)  Cairo,1973.

مـثلــّـث الحـبّ المميت: امرأة الحوذي والحوذي وحصانـه (‘The Deadly Love Triangle of the Cabby’s Moll, the Cabby and his Horse’) Cairo, 1973.

المخـــرّب (‘The Saboteur’) Cairo, 1973, Damascus, 1973 – London, 1982.

حـالة خــاصـّـة (‘A special Case’) London, 1979.

ثـــأر بالـوكــالة (‘Vendetta by Proxy’) London, 1980.

الخـــوف مـــات (Fear Dies’) London, 1981.

وقــائع لا داعي لنشــرها (‘Facts that Need Not be Made Public’) London, 1983.

الــبـيــت المســكون (‘The Haunted House’) London, 1983, broadcast by the BBC, 1983.

قــارئــة الفــنـجـــان (‘Death of a Fortune-teller’) London, 1983.

رســائل مســمــومـة إلـى قـطـع الأثــاث’’ (‘Poison-pen Missives to Pieces of Furniture’) Beirut, 1992.

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